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May 19, 2022 01:23:17
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Piranha (2010)

What's up Dream Warriors! It's week 3 of our prehistoric horror month and we're taking it back to the water with this one as we talk about Alexandre Aja's 2010 Piranha remake! This movie is filled with boats, boobs and missing body parts and we are all for it! Brooke came in hot with trivia from the blu ray commentary that made this movie just that much more interesting as well. We're finishing off the month with a returning and always welcomed guest, Felicia Conner from Two Chicks and A Horror Flick, to talk about Jurassic Park! We couldn't have a prehistoric month without including it, right? So be sure to tune in next week because it's definitely going to be talon clicking good time! Be sure to check out our IG: https://www.instagram.com/a_podcast_on_elm_street/ And our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCly4X3l5pwfGeYo1tqeUO2Q  ...



May 11, 2022 01:03:03
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Lake Placid

What's up Dream Warriors! It's week 2 of our prehistoric horror and taking this one underwater to fight a giant croc in Lake Placid! This movie from 1999 was a staple of our childhood but neither of us has seen it in years; does it still hold up for us or should Betty White toss it in the lake? You won't find out unless you listen to the episode! Join us next week when we take on another underwater terror in Piranha 3D! Be sure to check out our IG: https://www.instagram.com/a_podcast_on_elm_street/ And our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCly4X3l5pwfGeYo1tqeUO2Q  ...



May 05, 2022 00:59:18
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The VelociPastor

What's up Dream Warriors! We've gone back in time a lot during the course of this podcast but we've never gone THIS far back! We're channeling our inner Flintstones this month and getting prehistoric! That's right, all month long we're doing creature freatures from millions of years ago!  Kicking off the month we had to start with one of the most ridiculous but also most fun movies ever made. What happens when a pastor cuts himself with a cursed Velociraptor talon? He becomes the crime fighting, ass kicking, prostitute loving...VelociPastor!  If you've seen this movie then you know how much of a fun ride it is and if you haven't watched it, well you're about to find out how much of a fun ride it is. Enjoy! ...



April 27, 2022 01:14:55
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Villain Faceoff 8.b - Hatchet

What's up Dream Warriors! We're wrapping up the month of March with our second part of our villain faceoff! This week we're talking about another slasher from 2006, Hatchet! We said that this faceoff was going to be close but neither of predicted it to be THIS close!  This episode includes brutal kills, great practical effects, multiple rants about movies ripping off other movies and a couple epic impressions from Marc! We had an absolute blast recording this episode and we hope you share the same feelings of listening to it.  Join us next month for a full month of prehistoric horror! ...



April 21, 2022 01:19:01
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Villain Faceoff 8.a - See No Evil

What's up Dream Warriors! We're coming at you this week with our first Villain Faceoff in a couple months and it's the battle of the big uglies! For this episode we're discussing the stereotypical 2000's slasher, See No Evil!  This movie was damn near impossible to find and after watching it again in our 30's we understand why Vince McMahon doesn't want us to watch it. Throughout the episode we discuss the crappy CGI graphics, how this movie could be a TCM ripoff and how much we'd want to see Glenn Jacobs (Kane) in more horror movies. Although it's not a great movie, there were some shining moments with it and it's not one that we'd necessarily toss in the fires of the Blackwell Hotel. We end the discussion with our Jacob Goodnight character traits and contemplate how he'll do when put in a ring with next week's villain, Victor Crowley!  ...



April 13, 2022 00:49:57
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Straight Edge Kegger

What's up Dream Warriors! This week we're going back to our days of punk shows and house parties and bringing you the low budget, Kickstarter funded, Straight Edge Kegger! This movie will make you want to think twice about bringing alcohol and/or drugs to your next party because these straight edgers are not having it!  Brooke randomly found this one on Shudder and decided it would be a good one for us to cover, and he wasn't wrong! Straight Edge Kegger is far from a great movie but it IS a great time and a lot of effort was was put into it. This movie has been recognized by Bloody Disgusting, Rue Morgue Magazine and obviously Shudder so it is getting some traction since it's 2019 release, but do the cast and crew a favour and check this one out for yourselves!  Next week we're heading back to the dice and doing our first villain face off in a while. Round 1 will be See No Evile, starring Glenn Jacobs, AKA WWE's Kane!  ...