Bones and All (2022)

Episode 25 July 31, 2023 01:17:32
Bones and All (2022)
A Podcast on Elm Street
Bones and All (2022)

Jul 31 2023 | 01:17:32


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're back this week with another new-ish movie that we've both been needing to watch, Bones and All from 2022. This movie was a very much welcomed change from our past 5 or 6 episodes; no twists and turns, no underlying themes to pick apart and a story that's easy to follow and brain meltingly confusing. We were able to just sit back, chill and enjoy a really well made movie about a couple of lovestruck cannibals on a cross country adventure!

We haven't been doing a lot of "true horror" lately so Marc decided to change that with his pick for next week, Malum! So make sure you come back and listen to an episode that'll be worthy of our "scare section!"


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