Episode 11 January 14, 2022 01:27:02
A Podcast on Elm Street

Jan 14 2022 | 01:27:02


Show Notes

Whats up Dream Warriors! Have you ever been stuck riding an elevator with people you didn't like? Has that elevator ever stopped dead with you in it? Did one of the riders end up being possessed by the devil? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you may understand what the characters went through in this week's episode of Devil. A movie from 2010 that includes a severe case of claustrophobia, death and Satan, himself, in quite an unexpected form. 

During this episode we also discuss Brooke's fear of elevators and escalators as well as his disdain towards salesmen. We also have a brief discussion on M. Night Shyamalan and whether or not he deserves the flack he so often receives. 

Next time you have to take an elevator...maybe take the stairs instead.

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