Doom (2005) ft. Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast

Episode 7 February 17, 2023 01:36:10
Doom (2005) ft. Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast
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Doom (2005) ft. Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast

Feb 17 2023 | 01:36:10


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! This week we were tasked with joining the RTTS on a rescue mission to Mars to help clean up a level 5 security breach. When we caught word of the mission we knew we'd need reinforcements so we recruited our good friend Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast to aid us! 

We were faced with some horrifying CGI, terrifying creature designs and the scariest thing of all...bad acting. It was a hard fought battle with a lot going against us but we perservered and came out on top!

Join us next week to hear us talk about one of our favourite movies from 2022, Barbarian!

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