The Faculty (1998)

Episode 36 January 29, 2024 01:08:08
The Faculty (1998)
A Podcast on Elm Street
The Faculty (1998)

Jan 29 2024 | 01:08:08


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're back with Marc's first pick of 2024 and this one is a trip down Nostalgia Lane for any 90's kids. In the midst of all the 90's teen slashers and whodunit's there was one movie that kept a simular formula but also went it's own way and that movie is none other than The Faculty. It still feels like the most popular horror movies from the 90's, but there's one small difference...aliens.

We had a blast talking about this one even though it doesn't necessarily hold up as well as some of the movies it rivaled 25 years ago. And we know our next episode is going to be just as fun, if not more because we're tackling another classic in Child's Play! So make sure you come back and don't miss out on that one.

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