Bong "June" Ho (Part 2) - Mother

Episode 20 June 08, 2023 01:08:17
Bong "June" Ho (Part 2) - Mother
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Bong "June" Ho (Part 2) - Mother

Jun 08 2023 | 01:08:17


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're back with week 2 of our Bong "June" Ho theme and this week it's all about a mother's love and what she'll do to prove her son's innocence in Mother. And's not THAT movie. Much like almost every Bong Joon Ho movie, there's lots of dramatic sequences mixed in with some ridiculous comedy. This was a first time watch for both of us and we both enjoyed the movie, although Brooke did enjoy it slightly more. 

Come back next week where we'll be hopping on the next train outta here and talking about a highly popular movie in his resume, Snowpiercer!


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