Bong “June” Ho (Part 1) - The Host (2006)

Episode 19 June 03, 2023 01:26:26
Bong “June” Ho (Part 1) - The Host (2006)
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Bong “June” Ho (Part 1) - The Host (2006)

Jun 03 2023 | 01:26:26


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! It's a new month and a new theme! This month is dedicated to Bong Joon Ho, who's an amazing director and we're super stoked to be talking about his movies; from the lesser known to his most popular. Kicking off the month is The Host from 2006, which is a first time watch for both of us and holy shit did it ever have our heads a good way! This movie was a rollercoaster of emotions and filled with drama, action, comedy and of course...horror. 

Come listen to us talk about the social commentary in the film, our theories on the plot and have some laughs at some of the ridiculous scenes in this movie.

Next week we'll be talking about a lesser known movie, Mother. And not the Jennifer Lawrence version lol.

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