Bong "June" Ho (Part 4) - Memories of Murder (2003)

Episode 22 June 26, 2023 01:14:17
Bong "June" Ho (Part 4) - Memories of Murder (2003)
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Bong "June" Ho (Part 4) - Memories of Murder (2003)

Jun 26 2023 | 01:14:17


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're 4 weeks into June and that means it's our 4th instalment of our Bong Joon Ho movies! This week we're discussing his true events and highest rated movie prior to Parasite, Memories of Murder. This movie is based off South Korea's first confirmed serial killings which spanned from 1986 to 1994 and consisted of the rape and murders of up to 14 women. At the time of the production of this film these murders went unsolved, however the killer did finally confess while he was serving a different life sentence for the murder of his sister in law. 

Come listen to see if we agree that this movie is one of BJH's best films and make sure you come back next week when we'll be talking about the previously mentioned movie, Parasite!

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