Infinity Pool (2023)

Episode 10 April 01, 2023 01:24:11
Infinity Pool (2023)
A Podcast on Elm Street
Infinity Pool (2023)

Apr 01 2023 | 01:24:11


Show Notes

What would you do if you didn't have to suffer consequences of your actions? We find out how some people would abuse this power in Brandon Cronenberg's latest release, Infinity Pool. This movie is death and sex filled psychadelic trip that will leave you questioning more things than answering them after your first watch but it's well worth a second trip to Li Tolqa to help wrap your head around it a bit more.

Although lacking on the body horror a bit, it smacks you in the face with originality, LSD-type trips, weird ass orgies and a plot that will have your head spinning.

Come back next week when we'll be talking about The Shallows for our April them of "Movies That Make You Wet"!



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