The Lodge ft. Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast

Episode 43 August 26, 2022 01:59:00
The Lodge ft. Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast
A Podcast on Elm Street
The Lodge ft. Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast

Aug 26 2022 | 01:59:00


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! This week I was joined by Eryka from Horror Cafe Podcast because Brooke is away on vacation and we sat down and talked about the 2019 psychological horror movie, The Lodge! We talked about our introduction to the horror genre, some timeless favourites and Eryka brought some interesting points about the movie that helped make sense of some questions I had. We also shit on Richard hard, because screw that guy! 

We're taking a one week break before we kick off our Screamin' September where we'll be joined by 2 of our great friends to have a month long discussion about the Scream franchise and each individual movie!

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