Villain Faceoff 9.a - Blade

Episode 33 June 16, 2022 01:17:06
Villain Faceoff 9.a - Blade
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Villain Faceoff 9.a - Blade

Jun 16 2022 | 01:17:06


Show Notes

Whats up Dream Warriors! We're coming at you this week with the first Villain Faceoff we've done in a while and kicking it off is Blade from 1998! We know, we know, Blade isn't a villain but rather an antihero fighting vampires who killed his mother and have wreaked havok on the night streets for a millenia. 

We both love this movie for what it is but did a watch with a critical eye change our perspective on things? Were the kick ass fight scenes and killer soundtrack enough to outweigh the poor CGI and mediocre acting/script? You'll have to come listen to find out! 

Join us next week for a break in the Faceoff where we'll be joined by our good friend Felicia Conner from Two Chicks and A Horror Flick to discuss Jurassic World: Dominion!


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