Movies That Make You Wet (Part 4) - Anaconda (1997)

Episode 14 April 27, 2023 01:09:22
Movies That Make You Wet (Part 4) - Anaconda (1997)
A Podcast on Elm Street
Movies That Make You Wet (Part 4) - Anaconda (1997)

Apr 27 2023 | 01:09:22


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're wrapping up our month of Movies That Make You Wet with 1997's action horror, Anaconda! This movie is filled with action, shitty CGI, some surprisingly decent puppetry and a backwards flowing waterfall. We had a great time recording this one and both agree it's a movie worth rewatching every now and then.

Come back next week where we'll be starting a new theme of "Why Haven't We Done This Yet", which will be all highly popular movies that we have yet to cover. We'll be kicking it off with Marc's pick of Sinister!


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