Why Haven’t We Done This Yet (Part 1) - Sinister (2012)

Episode 15 May 05, 2023 01:11:06
Why Haven’t We Done This Yet (Part 1) - Sinister (2012)
A Podcast on Elm Street
Why Haven’t We Done This Yet (Part 1) - Sinister (2012)

May 05 2023 | 01:11:06


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're all finished up with our April episodes and back on dry land to bring you a month full of movies that we should have already covered. We're kicking off "Why Haven't We Done This Yet?" with Marc's pick of Sinister from 2012. This movie came out in a time when supernatural horror was making a big comeback and we both feel like it fit in with the subgenre perfectly.

Come back next week where we'll be adding another supernatural horror movie to our resume with Brooke's pick of The Conjuring!


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