Movies That Make You Wet (Part 3) - Jaws (1975)

Episode 13 April 22, 2023 01:12:41
Movies That Make You Wet (Part 3) -  Jaws (1975)
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Movies That Make You Wet (Part 3) - Jaws (1975)

Apr 22 2023 | 01:12:41


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're back in the ocean to talk about the king of all shark movies, the one that started it all, the one that sparked one of the biggest fears in humankind...Jaws! This is one of the most iconic and influential movies of all time and it's much deserving of it; from it's score to it's camera work to the animatronic sharks, this movie is damn masterpiece!

This was supposed to be a Villain Faceoff but we decided to scrap that idea and just keep it as a normal episode, but we're still coming back next week with the previously planned movie and likely one of the few aquatic beings that could take on ol' Brucey, Anaconda from 1997!


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