Movies That Make You Wet (Part 2) - Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Episode 12 April 15, 2023 01:08:13
Movies That Make You Wet (Part 2) -  Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)
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Movies That Make You Wet (Part 2) - Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Apr 15 2023 | 01:08:13


Show Notes

Whats up Dream Warriors! Week 2 of our Movies That Make You Wet is here and we're discussing Brooke's pick of Bodies Bodies Bodies from 2022. A movie where a bunch of Gen Z kids throw a "hurricane party" and shit goes! This movie is filled with deception, cocaine and a twist ending that will have you shocked but also laughing your ass off at the same time! 

Come back next week where we'll be talking about everyone's favourite Great White Shark, Bruce in part 1 of this month's villain faceoff! 


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