Straight Edge Kegger

Episode 24 April 13, 2022 00:49:57
Straight Edge Kegger
A Podcast on Elm Street
Straight Edge Kegger

Apr 13 2022 | 00:49:57


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! This week we're going back to our days of punk shows and house parties and bringing you the low budget, Kickstarter funded, Straight Edge Kegger! This movie will make you want to think twice about bringing alcohol and/or drugs to your next party because these straight edgers are not having it! 

Brooke randomly found this one on Shudder and decided it would be a good one for us to cover, and he wasn't wrong! Straight Edge Kegger is far from a great movie but it IS a great time and a lot of effort was was put into it. This movie has been recognized by Bloody Disgusting, Rue Morgue Magazine and obviously Shudder so it is getting some traction since it's 2019 release, but do the cast and crew a favour and check this one out for yourselves! 

Next week we're heading back to the dice and doing our first villain face off in a while. Round 1 will be See No Evile, starring Glenn Jacobs, AKA WWE's Kane! 

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