Villain Faceoff 8.a - See No Evil

Episode 25 April 21, 2022 01:19:01
Villain Faceoff 8.a - See No Evil
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Villain Faceoff 8.a - See No Evil

Apr 21 2022 | 01:19:01


Show Notes

What's up Dream Warriors! We're coming at you this week with our first Villain Faceoff in a couple months and it's the battle of the big uglies! For this episode we're discussing the stereotypical 2000's slasher, See No Evil! 

This movie was damn near impossible to find and after watching it again in our 30's we understand why Vince McMahon doesn't want us to watch it. Throughout the episode we discuss the crappy CGI graphics, how this movie could be a TCM ripoff and how much we'd want to see Glenn Jacobs (Kane) in more horror movies. Although it's not a great movie, there were some shining moments with it and it's not one that we'd necessarily toss in the fires of the Blackwell Hotel.

We end the discussion with our Jacob Goodnight character traits and contemplate how he'll do when put in a ring with next week's villain, Victor Crowley! 

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